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What is the breathing technique?


The technique is a three-step breath: two inhales and one exhale, all through your mouth. By breathing deeply for an extended period of time in this pattern, you oxygenate your emotional body and tell the thinking brain to turn off.


What exactly is active meditation? 


Active meditation means you are not a passive participant in your healing process. You have to take control and commit to the experience you want to have with yourself. This means getting vulnerable and showing yourself that you are, in fact, worthy of the hard work that is healing. (Trust me, you are.)


If I struggle with meditation, will I struggle with this?


Short answer: Not necessarily. Here's why: This is an active meditation and the breathing keeps you busy and focused. For me, breathwork is the best way to drop into my body, connect, and reground myself. The breath allows different parts of my brain and my body to communicate."


What are the benefits?


Breathwork allows you to connect to your body, move “stuck” energy and emotions, and expand your ability to understand and accept yourself. This work leaves us feeling more confident in our journeys.

What will I experience?


Everyone's experience is different. 

Every session is different. 

What you will let go of, let in, or learn will vary in intensity.

What I can say based on personal experience and feedback from clients is that you end the practice in awe of your aliveness, an overwhelming sense of love for yourself, and an energetic sense of acceptance and ease. 


Does this help with stress?


Our breath has always been a tool that we can use to try to stop the buzzing in our brain that creates stress, fear, or shame. This practice takes this tool and amplifies its magic. So yes, I believe that this tool is a beautiful tool to get that buzzing to shhhhhhhhh. :)

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