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When I was little, I thought pants were stupid and spent far too much of my childhood in my Snow White dress that I refused take off for days at a time. I hated naps and would scream down to my parents from my crib “IMMA AWAKE NOW!”  I yearned for connection and always feared missing out on a good time.

In middle school I fell in love with Shakespeare and went to Boston Arts Academy where I studied theatre. The most alive I ever felt was on stage. I loved performing, investigating characters, and the opportunity to ‘become’ another person. However, off the stage I was so driven by the need to be liked that I struggled showing up as myself anywhere! I shape shifted and stayed in whatever “role” I thought would help me fit in and connect with my peers. This continued through College where my fascination and fear around understanding human behavior then became my major as a Sociologist.


The tragedy was that while focusing on understanding the complexities of others, I avoided understanding the complexities of myself, until I found outlets that actually forced me to become more self aware, curious, and tap into my strengths.


Through  this journey...

 I discovered my love for music which led to me travel the world to listen to music and dance with strangers!


I tapped into my strength through movement which lead me to become a SoulCycle instructor.  


I began to explore my intuition and what it means to truly connect with myself which lead to me to certifications in Breathwork, Tarot, and Nutrition.


And just like that  here I am, "IMMA AWAKE NOW".

Music, movement, and  breathwork are my guiding lights.

Expanding through these practices have led me to help people to find their own  center stage.


I believe everyone has a place where they can feel their personal shine and I hope to support people build the foundation to their own beacon.


I am a leader helping people celebrate themselves through reflective,  expressive, and expansive experiences.

A little more about me...

Need A Spark?

Book a 20  Minute Connection Call.

Let's Connect.

These calls are for us to talk through what support your needing, what tools to use,  and how I can become your support system.

I am here to to help you create a practice that works for you.  Allowing you to open yourself up to what it means to belong in your body, find your shine, and celebrate all of your parts.

There is a bunch of goodness in there and with a little bit of support we can find ways to spark it.


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