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Read With Me

What is Tarot?

Tarot cards are here to help you tap into your insight and gain intuitive clarity on where you are at and what you are needing.

How Does it Work?

The practice I provide with tarot is not one where I aim to predict your future or gain access to reveal your past. 


We live in the present and that is what I am here to help you connect with through curiosity, critical thinking, and intuition.

My training in tarot has broken down the beliefs and backgrounds around cards as they stand now and is one that comes from a place of inner reflection and awareness.

My Readings will include a touch base where we discuss your current experiences and where you are hoping to gain insight, suggested tarot spreads based on our check in, and a personally curated playlist. I believe that music has a high vibration and will tell me a lot about where you're at energetically.



Why Do I Do This?

I was at a rock bottom moment in life and was searching for direction and support anywhere I could. I was listening to a plethora of self help podcasts and all of them preached about a morning practice, the importance of meeting yourself before the world did. I didn’t know how to start, one day I saw my dusty tarot deck in the corner of my room and I said…

YOU will be the tool for me to meet myself.


What started off as a half-assed attempt to connect with myself and belief in something bigger than me turned into a powerful tool for me to take a personal pulse check before my day…

I'd love to take your pulse check and help you start to gain some insight and clarity around your present experience.

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