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Breath With Me

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an active meditation in which you manipulate your breath. Signaling to your dominant “thinking brain” to step back,  inviting your emotional and energetic self to give you feedback.


Your body is holding onto a lot of feedback it wants to provide you. This feedback comes in many forms such as, unexpressed emotions, experiences that haven’t been fully processed, or energy that is stuck in the body. 

By becoming the facilitator to receive this feedback you can begin to take ownership of how to let go of all the “stuff” that is keeping you stuck and let in all of the vital and vibrant parts of who you truly are.


How Does it Work?

There are many styles of breathwork and all of them serve to support you in different ways.


The primary practice that I work with is a three step breath. 


By maintaining a three-step rhythmic and repetitive breath for an extended period of time, we increase our blood flow and calm our parasympathetic nervous system. This allows our thinking brain to back down while encouraging us to connect with our undefended self..


Why Do I Do This Work?

I didn’t find Breathwork, Breathwork found me.


I was asked by a friend to come to her house, lay on a mat, and start to breathe - little did I know that I was about to find myself on that mat. I cried, I laughed, I relived and released moments of hurt, but most importantly I reclaimed a sense of awe in my aliveness.


Before Breathwork I struggled fully showing up as myself and didn’t realize that I just wasn't paying attention to that which was holding me back….

Limiting beliefs, unresolved pain, and untapped energy were all there being held in my body. 

My Breath became the tool I could use to rewire the relationship I had with my thoughts, release the emotional gunk in my system, and reclaim the Grace that I feel more of and full of.  

I believe we all have the capacity to be vital and vibrant versions of ourselves, we just have to become the facilitator of allowing it to come to the surface and shine through.


This is for you if...

If you are hoping to open a dialogue with a part of yourself that has been hurt and needs to be

heard or healed

​If you are ready to take a pulse and find a deeper sense of purpose

If you are looking to receive all that you are from a place of love and compassion

If you feel stuck in your limiting beliefs and repeating patterns

If you are eager to reclaim your vital and vibrant parts of self

Breathwork taps into the deep and expansive parts of ourselves that need space.


I’d love to hold that space for you and with you.

Need A Spark?

Book a 20  Minute Connection Call.


I am here to to help you create a practice that works for you. Allowing you to open yourself up to what it means to belong in your body, find your shine, and celebrate all of your parts.

There is a bunch of goodness in there and with a little bit of support we can find ways to spark it.

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