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Good Start To Your Week


Happy Monday. Today I shared on Instagram my little ritual and structure that allows me to go into the week feeling grounded and grateful. Maybe this too will help you on your Sunday or Monday Morning as you sit down to strategize and reflect on what success you plan to promote in your life.

Check out the IGTV HERE!

Here is my good start to the week process!

Sunday evenings or first thing Monday morning I sit down with my journal and weekly planner that is designed by Flying Tiger (anything Danish is my jam). Sadly Flying Tiger is not online yet but HERE is one that is somewhat similar.

(At the bottom of this post is a shareable PDF of the Good Start to the week)

In my journal I answer the following questions:

  1. What is one good thing that happened in my life? (this can be an accomplishment, an activity, or even a discovery)

  2. What is one good thing that happened in the world? (this is something that happened outside my life that I had no control over that brought me joy, awareness or awe of the bigger world I am but a small piece of)

  3. What is one good goal I have for this week? (this can be personal or professional but the goal is that is something you know you will complete but you need to stay motivated about)

  4. I am... (this can be a word or a sentence but its something you want to embody that week like - whole, joy, love, passion) I come back to this word when I am emotionally or mentally feeling blocked as guidance.

In my schedule, I create what I like to call a "PLUG AND PLAY".

Quarantine has really tested my ability to commit to a schedule and often I find that if I start off my week over complicating and committing to things I feel overwhelmed and unsuccessful. So I started what I like to call "plug and play" which is a list of a few things that I know will help make me feel grounded and good. Most of which I don't actually place on my schedule but rather I know that at some point during the week I will complete them. When I find myself needing a moment away from work or feel a little less productive they are great options to occupy free time. Below you will find the list of plug and play requirements in my week - but feel free to take this idea and make it your own!

  1. 3 Sweat Sessions: The only thing I actually plan for my weekly schedule is 3 workouts. I find that working out is the only thing that if I don't see it on my schedule I get really wishy-washy and stressed about finding the time to take care of my body. I sit down with my Variis App or Barre 3 schedule and I pick 3 classes I will commit to. If this seems like too much to start off with pick 5 (wait more!? yes MORE.. that way YOU SEE THEM). Put them on your schedule and know that 2 of them you can skip. Sometimes I choose to place the extra 2 as AM vs PM options. If my body says nope in the am, I make sure that the body is ready in the pm.

  2. 3 Tasks: In the right corner of my weekly calendar I write down three, as I like to call them "adulting", tasks. These are tasks that are somewhat mindless but must be handled to keep my life moving such as organizing my closet, cleaning the bathroom, or calling to schedule that doctor's apt. That way if the 2 pm slump hits and I just need a break from my computer screen I know there are three things throughout the week that need my attention.

  3. 3 People to connect with: I am genuinely really bad at staying in touch. I suck at texting and though I will pick up the phone whenever a friend calls I want to get better about reaching out. That is why on the left side of my weekly planner I list 3 people that I want to call at some point during the week. Once again scheduling these things isn't necessary because I don't know what type of mood I'll be in at any given point of the day (COVID mood swings are r e a l). What I can tell you is that at some point of the week there will be multiple moments where I find myself feeling a little lonely or with time and space to listen, connect and send love to the people that matter. This is a great list to have for those moments so you can grab your phone and dial or facetime someone. Even if they don't answer a little voicemail sending love someone's way is really important right now.

  4. 2 New Recipes: Cooking is a great source of growth and gratitude. I love learning how to take care of myself and others through FOOD. Every week I pick two new recipes I've never made and get what is needed to make them. Once again what makes this great is that I don't add the pressure of which day of the week the meal is being made. Just knowing that I have two new meals to try is so wonderful and satisfactory for my week. (also don't get too in your head these can be simple meals you have never made before - last week I decided to make a grilled cheese in a panini maker for the first time)

Lastly, I like to pick some words of wisdom for the week.

Every week I'll be sharing my 4 top questions and my words of wisdom for the week on Instagram using the PDF below.

Please feel free to share on your story and tag me!

Or follow along.

Who knows I might start sharing the meals I make :)

Now go do that damn thang and have a good start to your week!



Good Start to your week
Download PDF • 853KB

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