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Hi,  I'm Grace

I am here to create experiences that invite you to reflect on the deepest parts of yourself, express yourself fully, and embrace your endless capacity to expand.   

I believe that you are wildly capable of expanding, but to do so involves building a practice  that allows you to claim your complexities.


We are complex. 

Our human experience is complicated.

And the stuff we pick up along the way ain't all rainbows and butterflies. 

Understanding and accepting these complexities is what allows you to remove contraction and invite more of what opens you up, makes you feel good and expand!

My intention is to guide and support you through these practices so that you are able to find your shine and step into it.


Through intuitive and holistic modalities we will….

  • Remind you that you belong in this beautiful being of yours by connecting with and cultivating a meaningful relationship with your mind & body.

  •  Bring awareness to contraction in your life by challenging and changing your limiting belies & blocks.

  • Encourage regular and radical celebrations of self by accessing the parts if you that are a vital, vibrant, beacon of light!

There is so much goodness inside of you waiting to shine!

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Wellbeing & Breathwork Guide



How Can I Support You?


1:1 Session


Need A Spark?

Book a 20  Minute Connection Call.


I am here to to help you create a practice that works for you. Allowing you to open yourself up to what it means to belong in your body, find your shine, and celebrate all of your parts.

There is a bunch of goodness in there and with a little bit of support we can find ways to spark it.


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